Felicity Hollow

Felicity Hollow

''A talented and passionate drummer with a delightfully strong collaborative spirit!'' 

- Kuljit Bhamra MBE

'You lead beautifully... cracking class' - K., Devon Participant
Rhythm, Health and Happiness Coach

Rhythms of Grace is the natural culmination of decades of training and experience in The Arts, The Healing Arts, The Performing Arts, and The Art of Being.


A few words from India, Felicity's eldest daughter:

"Remember," Mum always used to say to us "don't ever think you have no rhythm. There's rhythm in your feet as you walk, in your lungs as they breathe and in your heart as it beats. Just you being alive proves that rhythm comes naturally to you."


I don't think there's anything my mum does that makes her as happy as drumming. She somehow didn't even stop when she was pregnant with both me and my sister. I know that liveliness she so obviously experiences when she plays is one of the many reasons she makes such a good teacher. There's a very apparent love for the craft, even after her 38 years of playing, meaning her methods of teaching have always been captivatingly enthusiastic. Plus, they're easy to pick up, which is always nice! After 10mins everything begins to feel natural and you can start to really experiment and play around with rhythm. In a way, that's where the 'teaching' stops and instead becomes leading. The drumming patterns begin sounding more and more like a conversation without words which, I personally think, is where the beauty really starts to radiate from the players both individually and as a group. 


And, as I'm sure you can imagine, this energy transfers itself very fluidly in to her coaching. The aim for both is sort of similar in that she's not necessarily there to 'teach', but to listen and lead. 


She's been all sorts, my mum; a gymnast, a dancer, a potter, a masseur and body worker, a natural health practitioner, a percussionist, a drum circle facilitator, a lead singer, a Singing Camp team leader, a puppeteer, and an ontological student, coach and facilitator, and with every new passion she brings with her the vibrance and persistence she's had throughout her life. I'm proud to have picked up even a handful of the skills she's taught me over the years. 

- India Rose Scott-Hollow



''A big thank you for your inspiration and support''


''Thank you so much for your guidance and fun and laughter

you brought to the Italy trip last weekend... Thank you so much for a special few days''